VATS Surgery was Performed in the First Ovarian Cancer in Izmir

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Health Sciences University İzmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital in the advanced stages of the ovaries (ovarian) cancer diagnosed Perihan Bezciyan in a few centers in Turkey and the world in the ovarian cancer implementation of VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery) was made called process.

Preschool teacher Perihan Bezci, who applied to SBU İzmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital with the complaint of abdominal swelling and shortness of breath, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after the examinations. Bezci, who was decided to operate by doctors, was appointed to the Gynecology Oncology Clinic, where Gynecological Oncology Surgery operations were performed with superior success. Dr. He was operated by Oğuzhan Kuru and his team. During the operation, Bezci received Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS), which is also applied to patients with advanced ovarian cancer, for the first time in Izmir. Bezci, who had no tumor detected in his lungs with VATS procedure applied in lung diseases and tumors, was operated without the need for pre-operative chemotherapy treatment.

  "It is applied in a small number of centers in the world and in our country"

Assoc. In his statement, Dr. Oğuzhan Kuru stated that the most important factor that prolongs the life of patients in ovarian cancer is the surgical procedure performed by the Gynecologist Oncologist and without visible tumors. Noting that most of the patients in ovarian cancer refer to the physician with complaints such as dyspnea due to abdominal swelling (acid), pain caused by ovarian mass and indigestion. Dry “In some of these patients, fluid (pleural effusion) accumulates in the chest cavity and it is also important to evaluate whether it is suitable for surgery without leaving a tumor. If there is no disease in the chest cavity, abdominal (abdominal) surgery is continued in the same session, and tumor tissues in which the disease spreads are removed. In the VATS procedure, a 1cm incision is made on the patient's skin and the chest cavity is entered under the guidance of a camera and it is evaluated whether there is a tumor on the lung surface and membrane. Biopsy is taken from suspicious areas and, if necessary, tumor tissues are removed. This method, which is mainly applied in lung diseases and tumors, is also used in ovarian cancer in a few centers in the world and in our country. ”

"Followed up healthy"

Stating that the patient was admitted to the hospital with abdominal swelling and shortness of breath last April, an ovarian mass that may have acid and cancer was detected in the abdomen and both chest cavities. Dr. Kuru “Clinical Education Officer Assoc. Dr. At the tumor council headed by Mehmet Gökçü, the patient was decided to undergo surgery. From Thoracic Surgery VATS operation started with Özgür Öztürk. Fluid in the chest cavity is drained. Since no tumor was observed here, abdominal surgery was started. In this surgery, the uterus, ovaries, spleen, end of the large intestine, abdominal membrane, diaphragm membrane removal and patch (anastomosis) surgery were performed. Removing the lymph node from the side of the heart (cardio-phrenic), which is another rare procedure, was also added to the procedure. In the second week of our patient who was discharged with healing 7 days after the operation. Chemotherapy treatment was started by Hüseyin Salih Semiz. Our patient, whose tumor markers are currently under control, is being followed up in a healthy way. ”

When Perihan Bezci applied to the hospital, a large and malignant mass was detected and I was told that I needed surgery. I trusted my doctor, the tumor was cleared with 7 hours of surgery. Now chemotherapy treatment is done. I am looking forward to the day when my treatment is completed and my students will meet. I would like to thank my doctors and nurses for their care and compassion in this difficult process. ”