Breast Surgery

Tepecik Hospital Breast Cancer Surgery ın 1971, the General Surgery Clinic was established in Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. In 1988, the department of breast surgery in the clinic started to work actively. 1990, and Turkey's leading innovator in the 2000s and has developed as innovative breast surgery with clinics. Breast surgery surgery in breast surgery, breast-keeping surgery, biopsy technique of the knot node and are among the precursors of oncoplastic breast surgery. Memem cancer is treated with a multidisciplinary approach. Current information and international guidelines are being worked on. He is one of the leading 2-3 oncoplastic breast cancer surgery centers in Turkey. In addition to breast cancer patients, se, benign breast diseases, macromastia and breast reconstruction are also performed. There is a breast polyclinic operating for many years. In our hospital, radiologist, pathologist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist who is focused on breast is studied. Every week, a multidisciplinary breast cancer oncology council is held. In our hospital, we have current approaches to high risk women in terms of breast cancer. In our clinic, we have trainees in breast cancer treatment. Several courses, symposiums and meetings are organized annually about breast cancer. Many publications have contributed to the national and international literature. There are also books published in our clinic about breast.

General surgery physicians interested in breast surgery in our hospital;

Assoc. Professor Mustafa Emiroğlu,

Specialists MDCem Karaali

Specialists MDSerdar Küçükalioğlu

Specialists MDHüseyin Esin

Specialists MDYahya Çapkis

Specialists MDSemra Salimoğlu

Specialists MDEyüp Kebapçı