Emergency Medicine Clinic, one of the first clinics of Tepecik Hospital, became Training Clinic in April 2006. He took his first specialty students with the April 2006 Specialization in Medicine Exam. 3 Emergency Medicine Associate Professors, 14 Emergency Medicine Specialists, 29 Emergency Medical Assistants, 43 Emergency Nurses, 23 Patient Transport Staff, 8 Medical Secretaries, 4 Counseling and Information Staff, 7 Cleaning service is provided with staff. In each shift, 3 Emergency Medicine Specialists, 3-4 Emergency Medicine Assistants, 11-13 emergency nurses, 6 patient transportation personnel, 2 medical secretaries, 1 consultant and information staff are on duty.

Our clinic is the 3rd step emergency department and it is served to patients over the age of 18. Our emergency department, which receives an average of 500 patient applications per day, has a common use area of 800 m2 and 1000 m2 of emergency radiology, emergency laboratory and living areas. 18 monitors, a total of 42 stretchers, 3 defibrillators and 1 'in our care areas, 3 ventilators, 2 in the revitalization room, 11 in the monitored observation area, 2 in the trauma unit, 1 in the care unit, 2 in the triage area There are 2 USG devices, i is portable. In addition, the emergency radiology and emergency laboratory unit provides uninterrupted service for 24 hours.

Diagnosis and Treatment Service

In the emergency room, shift changes and visits are made every day at 08:00 and 16:00 in the presence of emergency medical assistants and specialists. Patients applying to our clinic are greeted by the triage nurses at the entrance of the emergency department, after their vital signs are taken, they are classified according to the triage categories recommended by the Ministry of Health, their doctor is determined and taken to the most appropriate care area according to their urgency. The patient file is filled in by the doctor in charge of each patient taken to the care areas in the emergency department. All laboratory and imaging procedures for patients are registered in the hospital information processing system, and the results are viewed from the system. All recommended treatments are written by the doctor in the patient file, confirmed and signed by the nurse who performed the application.