Cardiology Intensive Care

Between the years 1987-1987, the Cardiology Clinic, established as a cardiology service with 8 beds. Tuncel Ersöz has started to provide coronary intensive care services. Pace Maker installation in 1993, echocardiography and effort test in 1996, expanded the range of services, 29 June 2009 began coronary angiography. Clinically, 12-bed Coronary Intensive Care Unit, 19-bed cardiology service, 4 cardiology outpatient clinics in Bornova annex, 2 ECG room, 1 effort test, 4 echocardiography devices including 1 TEE (transesophageal echocardiography), 10 blood pressure and 10 rhythm holter device and 1 coronary angiography device provides intensive and comprehensive cardiology service to a large region including İzmir and surrounding provinces.


1.Polyclinic Service

2. Inpatient Treatment (Coronary Intensive Care)

3. Color Doppler Echocardiography: Transthoracic and contrast echo

4. Trasözafagial Echocardiography

5. Stress Echocardiography

6. Exercise Electrocardiography (Exercise Test)

7. Holter ECG and Holter Blood Pressure

8. Inserting emergency temporary pacemaker

9. Inserting a permanent pacemaker

10. Diagnostic catheterization and angiography

11. Therapeutic balloon and stent applications

12. Advanced treatment of heart failure (implantation of resynchronization cells such as CRT-P and CRT-D)

13. Arrhythmia treatment (ICD-shock pacing-implantation, EPS and ablation treatments)

14. Treatment of hypertensive hypertension (renal artery ablation), treatment of renal atherial stenosis percutaneously (balloon and stent application)

15. Advanced methods for the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease: IVUS: intravascular ultrasound, FFR: measurement of flow velocity in coronary arteries

16. Percutaneous closure or repair of congenital heart diseases such as ASD, VSD, PDA, Aortic coarctation

17. Percutaneous correction of heart valve diseases: mitral balloon valvuloplasty

18. Treatment of peripheral arterial diseases: Percutaneous treatment of the upper and lower extremity arteries and carotid arteries (balloon, stent applications)

19. TAVİ: Percutaneous aortic valve replacement

20. LAA Closure: Closure of the left atrium appendix with the umbrella method to prevent the heart from throbbing the brain in rhythmia patients.