Gynecologic Oncologic Surgery

Gynecologic Oncology Clinic is active in our clinic since 2009. Since the year 2011 Gynecologic Oncology Clinic has been recognized as a separate discipline by the Ministry of Health and subspecialty training has started and first assistant sub-specialty of Gynecologic Oncology has been given in our clinic in Turkey. In total, he completed the 6 minor assistant training began to take part in Turkey's various hospitals. 4 Side branch assistants are still continuing their education. After the physical development of the hospital after the Tepecik Oncology Center has become the center of Tepecik Bornova, the number of our patients has increased. In order to be accredited to the ONCOLOGY ASSOCIATION, an application has been made to determine that assistant education is at European level. Approximately one month later, our clinic was approved for accreditation of Europe.