Transplantation Units

Organ Transplantation Center has been operating since 1994 at Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. The head physician of the period Dr. With the contributions of Suat Çağlayan, Op. Dr. Alp Gürkan, Op.Dr. Cezmi Karaca, Op.Dr. Can Varılsüha, Op.Dr. Muharrem Karaoğlan, Kemal Başak and Dr. On 30 October 1997, the company carried out the first transfers with Fatih Akman. At first, the team focused on kidney and pancreas. Serdar Kacar joined the team held its first intestine transplant in Turkey. Some members of the hospital since 2007, the clinical responsibility Op. Dr. Cezmi moved to Karaca. The team was established in 2003 as Op. Dr. Cem Tuğmen, Op.Dr. Eyüp Kebapçı, Op.Dr. Mustafa Ölmez joined. In the following years Op. Dr. Selçuk Kılınç has contributed to the projects and studies he has conducted in the field of ve mesenchymal stem cell use in small intestine transplantation Selçuk. Op.Dr. Murat Doğan has served for the clinic for three years. Cem Tuğmen undertook clinical responsibility. In December 2018, the liver transplantation program Assoc. Dr. İsmail SERT under the direction of Op.Dr. It was started with Göksever Akpınar. To this day, 735 kidneys, 18 pancreas and 28 small intestine transplantations were performed. In our center, which provides service with 11 beds, adult and pediatric liver transplantation, kidney transplantation and small bowel transplantation are performed. Central has pioneered many aspects of the first in Turkey. The latest example of this is done for the first adult and pediatric intestinal transplant in Turkey.

General Surgery er Organ Transplantation Specialist Surgeons, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Adult gastroenterologist, Pediatric Nephrologist, Immunologist, Anesthesia physician, Intensive Care Specialist, Pathologist, Interventional Radiologist Accelerated accelerated activities since 1994 continue with kidney and small intestine transplants, especially in the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure and short bowel syndrome.
Small bowel transplantation is performed in patients who have been removed from the small intestine or who do not have small intestine for surgery or other reasons. Oral feeding of such patients is not possible and they are fed with special nutrients called ü total parenteral nutrition ”by vascular access. Nutrition with total parenteral nutrition does not replace oral feeding. In this way, the energy need for the life of the patient can be met, and problems such as infection, liver failure, vascular access problems may be encountered in the later stages of treatment. Small bowel transplantation can be performed by transferring the small intestine from brain donors and donors who donate their organs. Centers in Turkey "small intestine transplantation" as well as being the first center that is still actively maintain the transplant program.

While chronic renal failure constitutes a serious socioeconomic burden for our country, dialysis (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) continues to be the first choice in the treatment of patients. However, dialysis treatment is not a definitive treatment of the disease, but rather the artificial substances that accumulate in the body due to kidney failure artificially removed from the body can be summarized as. The most effective and cheapest treatment for chronic renal failure is renal transplantation. As a result of the evaluation of medical data in our country, a significant increase in the number of chronic kidney patients is expected in the coming years. The center has 20 years of experience in kidney transplantation in all age groups.
The liver transplantation program is active as of December 2018 and is at the service of both adult and pediatric patients. Patients who require liver transplantation Our organ transplant surgeons, adult and pediatric gastroenterology, anesthesia and reanimation specialists, intensive care specialists and our experienced team of psychiatrists are evaluated in detail by our liver transplantation council.
We are pleased to treat all patients who require liver, kidney and small bowel transplantation with our experienced and strong team.