Robotic Surgery

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Robotic Surgery technology was used in 2015 at Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. da Vinci Robot was performed by General Surgery, Urology, Otolaryngology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics.
Prostate surgeries, rectal diseases, gynecological diseases, laryngeal surgery and adrenal gland surgeries are performed with da Vinci Robot.

Tepecik Urology Robotic Surgery Team Experience
We have been doing robotic urological procedures (robotic prostatectomy, robotic partial nephrectomy, cystoprostatectomy, pyeloplasty) since 2015 with da vinci Ximodel robotic surgical system in our hospital. Our team had lots of experience  tuff oncological procedures with robotic surgery as well as open procedures. We do one or two cases per week and we have done totally  over one-hundred fifty uro-oncological procedures with robotic system.

Patients who undergo minimally invasive robotic surgery benefit in several ways:their hospital stay is short,they experience less pain,less blood loss,have smaller incisions and quick return to their activities.Most importantly,studies indicate that they may have beter outcomes against open procedure.Our team has published several presentations that also show improved continence and potency rates compare open prostatectomy patients and robotic prostatectomy patients. 

Our Robotic Surgery  Team :

Yusuf Özlem İLBEY Prof.MD Urologist (Coordinator)

Gökhan KOÇ Assoc. Prof. MD Urologist

Özgür ÇAKMAK Assoc. Prof. MD Urologist

Zafer KOZACIOĞLU  Assoc. Prof. MD Urologist 

Orçun ÇELİK Assoc. Pof. MD Urologist 

Ertan CAN MD Urologist