Family Medicine Clinic

The first assistant of the Family Medicine Clinic, one of the old Clinics of Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, started to work in 2006. In the clinic without a training assistant, assistants were appointed by Assoc. Dr. They worked as rotational in various units of the hospital under the coordination of Mehmet HELVACI. Family Physician Specialist With the appointment of Yusuf Adnan GÜÇLÜ, the first Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic was opened in the hospital. Dr. He became a Training Clinic with the appointment of Kurtuluş ÖNGEL and Chief Tanju YILMAZER. During this period, some changes were made in the clinic. The clinic serving with an outpatient clinic is currently 2 family medicine outpatient clinics, 1 smoking cessation outpatient clinic, 1 obesity outpatient clinic in the main building, 1 family medicine outpatient clinic in the Konak District Outpatient Clinic, 1 Adolescent Health Outpatient Clinic, and 1 Menopause Outpatient Clinic It provides services with a total of 2 instructors, 2 chief assistants, 3 specialist physicians and 64 assistants.

Family Medicine in Turkey Clinics between the first and clinics, the only inpatient services, Palliative Care Center Family Medicine Service at using 2 private, including 2 double rooms with a total of 16 beds and the hospital's other branches bearings gives the bed care. The obesity clinic, which fills an important deficit for İzmir and the unit following the morbid obese patients, is provided with the treatment of additional obesity related diseases and patients' weight loss through diet and exercise programs. Playing an active role in the creation of the Palliative Care Institution, the Clinic provides support therapy for chronic patients who require long-term treatment, as well as providing social and psychological support to patients and their relatives. The patient group, whose patient profile is different from other branches, requires a diagnosis which is called "Generally undifferentiated patient" which requires more diagnosis and needs to be diagnosed. In addition, it also provides services to patients who are guided by family physicians working in Family Health Centers, who need short-term hospitalization, examination or short-term supervision in the hospital.

Educational activities constitute a different dimension of the clinic. Poster and papers in many assistant theses, articles and congresses are very important for educational activities. In addition, direct exchange of students and course assignments are made with İzmir Katip Çelebi University Faculty of Medicine Family Medicine Department. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students of IKCU Faculty of Medicine carry out their practice lessons at TEAH Family Practice Polyclinics and especially Adolescent Polyclinic.