Child Health and Diseases

Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Child Health and Diseases Clinic was established as a SSK service hospital in 1971.After a year, in 1972, a 200-bed children's clinic was put into operation, and in 1976, it became a training and research hospital, and the first assistant physicians started to work.

After the joint use agreement with Katip Çelebi University, there are 28 associate professors, professors, 15 general pediatricians, 15 minor specialists, 65 assistants, 98 nurses and 23 staff working in the pediatric clinic, which increased their scientific power with the faculty members who started to work in 2013. Among our assistants, both serving and training, there are people from different countries (Greece (Western Thrace), Azerbaijan, Iran, TRNC) joining us. Our clinic is responsible for education. Dr. Mehmet Helvacı, administrative officer Assoc. Dr. Kayı Eliaçık.

The children's clinic serves individuals aged 0-18. Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Pediatric Clinic Building has a 50-patient capacity at the 3rd level, and the service in the Maternity-Delivery Building has a 14-bed capacity and 2-level neonatal intensive care units. It is the clinic with the highest patient capacity in the Aegean Region, providing third level neonatal intensive care. In addition, there is a 10-bed intensive care in the main building. There are more than 150,000 patient applications annually to the pediatric emergency room.

The Child Clinic and its minor branches have a training program for resident doctors. The main conference hall covers the main topics of child health with 60-minute trainings, which are attended by medical students, three days a week.

In our clinic, education and service continues with the efforts of experienced employees from all staff, in 7 days and 24 hours.