Neurosurgery clinic of Tepecik Education and Research Hospital firstly started to serve as an education hospital by appointment Assoc.Dr.Mehmet Selami as chief in 1991.

Then, neurosurgery education was continued with Chief Assitant Op.Dr. Mehmet Ataç and Doç.Dr. Celal İplikçioğlu whose were clinic managers of the hospital.

In 1996, he was appointed as Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Şevket Tektaş and later Prof.Dr. Dr. Nurcan Özdamar provided the continuation of assistant training.

In 2010, Assoc. Dr. Füsun Demirçivi Özer has been appointed as the chief of the clinic and the number of education staff has increased rapidly in the following period. Our hospital, which has a large population of patients due to be the single education hospital where operations of pediatric patients had performed, was visited by a high number of emergency and outpatients.    

5 education staffs, 10 experts 12 assistants are working at Tepecik ERH, and trying to service with  17 services,5 intensive care beds.

SBU Tepecik Education and Training Hospital which has a large patient population, are applied lots of neurosurgical operations in there. 

All type of intracranial tumor surgeries, neurovascular surgeries( aneurysms), endovascular surgery, trauma surgeries, transsphenoidal hypophysis surgery, advanced spinal surgeries, pediatric intracranial tumor surgeries, pediatric hydrocephalus, and spina bifida, craniosynostosis surgery, 

neonatal surgeries are performed successfully.