Brief Information About Izmir

Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, Is a modern and developed city, as well as an important center of culture, arts, tourism and trade. Atatürk emphasized the importance of the city as "Masters, all world should know that, from now on, Izmir is a sacred land where no longer any dirty feet can step on!", where Aristotle warned Alexander the Great as 'You will not be  completed unless you see here", with the history dates back to 8.500 years, the city involves significant historical and cultural richness.

The city is the face of Turkey in Europe with its social-cultural structure, which is suitable for the transportation convenience, climate suitable for tourism, cultural activities and artistic activities. 629 km to the sea, city, which is composed of natural beaches of 10“1 km of coastal length, welcomes guests from different parts of the world in four seasons of the year.

With care centers like Agamemnon, Asklepion, Allianoi, Karakoç and Çeşme-Şifne, Ilıca etc, Izmir today is a health, culture, religion and thermal tourism center with very high potential that serves healthy life alternatives to visitors from Scandinavian countries and visitors from all over  globe.